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Welcome to CheapCarsNJ.com, your only online auto store that deals in cars, suvs or trucks around $3000 and under. We’ve combined over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry from sales to management and figured out a way we can get the consumer an inexpensive quality car, whether it be for your son or daughter just starting out or a second car to use for work or errands. Whatever your reason is, chances are we’ll have the vehicle in stock. We also have very low overhead and do not have the need to mark our inventory for high profit margins. If we save, you save!! It’s as simple as that!!!

Our Business Model

We have a network of dealers and certain auctions we attend that allow us to examine the vehicle thoroughly. We drive them a few miles before purchase to check suspension, exhaust, braking and driveability. We also are able to run carfaxes and autochecks to find out the vehicle’s history.

Before vehicles are advertised online, we drive each vehicle for approx 50 miles to make sure it is something we feel is safe for the next owner. If the car needs brakes, a/c charged, shocks, exhaust etc., we replace needed parts before the car goes for sale.

We always encourage our customers to bring a mechanic or they are welcome to take the vehicle to their mechanic’s location. WE NEVER BUY CARS THAT WERE SALVAGED OR HAVE BAD ACCIDENTS ON CARFAX.

Our Motto

We are transparent in the way we do business. With over 25 years experience we find that transparency is the only way we do business right. Lets face it…..these cars have miles and are older, but still have a purpose and plenty of life left in them. We’ve seen time and time again when we worked for other dealerships, customer’s getting forced into a 7 or even an 8 year loan and with high warranty prices and having to purchase gap insurance to make car payments $400 + a month. Not to mention interest rates!!

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Email: chrisbuonavolta@gmail.com

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If you’re looking for a more conservative way to purchase your next vehicle, come to CheapCarsNJ.com and browse our inventory. Let us use our experience to find you the right car for the right price.

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